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Discussion in 'General Muse' started by berndt, Dec 15, 2015.

  1. berndt

    berndt Well-Known Member

    Maybe a rather silly question:
    If I have a widget in use (for example a gallery-widget) with lots of images and individual settings made by me and than there is an update … how does it work? Delete my "old" widget (with all settings and pics) on the canvas and place the new one? So I have to do all the work again? Or is there a simple "trick" to update an widget in use?
  2. Alex Wiley

    Alex Wiley Product Specialist / Widget Development Staff Member Advisory Group

    Hey @berndt

    The simple, and slightly upsetting answer to your question is yes, you will have to delete your old widget with all of it's content and settings and replace it with the new one. We fully understand that this is a massive pain (I have experienced this many, many times before), but unfortunately Muse simply gives us no other way of doing things currently.

    Thanks for posting,
  3. berndt

    berndt Well-Known Member

    Ok. I just wanted to make sure I do not waste unnecessary time… Thanks for your answer.

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