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Discussion in 'All Other Widgets' started by Mattexdj, Sep 30, 2017.

  1. Mattexdj

    Mattexdj Member

    It's great to see Muse Themes pushing out updates for the widgets etc. When we download the new widget bundles what is the best way to import it into Muse? This is important when existing (previous versions) widgets are in use in Muse websites.
    Does the newer widget versions overwrite previous ones already in use? Do I need to replace the widgets already in use - this would be very lengthy and laborious?
    Hope you can assist!
  2. victorianpine

    victorianpine Well-Known Member

    Great question. Takes me ages every time there is a widget update, not sure if there is a workaround.
  3. Pete

    Pete Active Member

    This is a problem with Muse not the widgets. The only way I have found is to delete all the widgets, select all the Mulib files and install. You can select more than one which does speed up the process but this is a "feature" that Adobe need to improve.
  4. DjHerold

    DjHerold Moderator Staff Member Advisory Group

    Matt, as Pete stated, at this time Muse does not allow for auto updating.
    This is something we, and everyone else have been asking for. I know they are looking into it, but it's status is unclear.
    This means, that any widget you need to update needs to be done Manually. And, as you said, that can take a bit of work.
    What I do, is keep an eye on our updates page (resources>contact us). When a new update is released, I download the widget and place it into my Library. I usually keep the last version for awhile, unless it was found to have a bug (not just enhancements).
    After there have been a bunch of updates, I will usually download the Bundle and redo my library. Remember that when you import the bundle (or any widget for that matter), Muse does not delete the older version, you need to do that.
    One thing I always suggest, and not a lot of people remember this, is in the Muse library, not only can you import new widgets but you can export from your library also. So every now and then I will export my widget to a file I save as a "just in case".
    Keep in mind that just because a widget changes, it doesn't mean you need to go back through all your old sites and replace the widget (unless it's stopped functioning or has an issue). When Muse changes versions, always have a back up of your Muse file.
    Hope this helps

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