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Discussion in 'Mumblr' started by uncagedcreative, Dec 8, 2015.

  1. uncagedcreative

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    for some viewers and definitely not for a law firm's blog. The client started using (she's in her late 50s) and was dismayed by the dashboard displaying some very young teenage emo-ish content, then some questionable images of jon cena shirtless.

    Even though we know that those are just on her dashboard, she was afraid her customers would see that. I've talked her down off the ledge now but I'm thinking it's not the blog platform for everyone. :(

    It's working great for my personal blog on my design site though! Thanks!

    P.S. My only complaint is that Tumblr does a terrible job of posting to Facebook... cut off, truncated posts with NO link back. :( Sad.
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  2. Alex Wiley

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    Apologies for the shirtless images of John Cena! ;) However do remember that what you see on your Tumblr dashboard is a direct result of the people that you follow on there. Therefore if you are seeing content that you do not wish to see, it is probably wise just to unfollow the people posting that content.

    Tumblr is one of the best blogging platforms our there I would seriously give it a shot. Just unfollow all of the trash on there and follow some reputable blogs and her experience will be transformed.

    Take care,
  3. uncagedcreative

    uncagedcreative Active Member

    Thanks Alex, it was the suggestions that Tumblr was making on her dashboard that had the questionable content. She hasn't followed anyone yet and now we're going to look at another blog platform for her needs. Being a lawyer, it wasn't a good fit.

    I personally love using Tumblr for my company's blog and I love MUMBLR for this! I can't wait to see future updates adding some features.
  4. Alex Wiley

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    That's fair enough then, I wish you all the best whilst looking for a more appropriate platform! Yeah the new update will fix several problems but more importantly add some really cool features based on user feedback; we can't wait!

  5. Steve Harris

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    Tough situation - sorry to hear it! Keep in mind though that the SEO impact of using almost any other blogging solution out there could be major. 99% of "Muse Blogs" offered by other vendors use iframes, which can't be ranked / indexed by Google. So if you're implementing the blog to add high quality search friendly content on the site (which is honestly the main reason for a blog) all that content won't be visible to Google if the blog is just embedded in the site.
  6. Norman Durkee

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    @uncagedcreative I just had this same situation happen with a client recently, in my situation I always set up the Tumblr account for the client and after your first login it allows you to pick topics that your interested in, So for example Im working with an artist so I just chose the art and photography topics and all she gets displayed is things related to those topics. For a lawyer you can choose something like business ect. The one time where my client set it up themselves they did not know about choosing topics so there were quite a few "inappropriate" post's on there feed.
    Hope this can help this situation for you as well as others hoping to take advantage of Mumblr and Tumblr!
  7. DjHerold

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    Norman, thanks for the update. It really helps to get real world feedback.
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