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  1. asifnm

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    This is a site redesign for a sight which originally went live about 4 years back. It was time for an update to fully responsive. The client asked for a video in the hero area so we created one and added some music to it and timed some animated elements to sync with the music (show responsive video suite widget) . Yes there is music on the site but it's subtle and suits the clients target market (think under 25s) There is a clear mute button for those who want to mute and though the video loops the sound is set to play once only and is set to initially play at 50% volume as well. I also used the facebook albums widget to keep the gallery freshly loaded with photos.

    The site was created in adobe muse.
  2. Mike Valkanet

    Mike Valkanet Well-Known Member

    I like it a lot. Did you use Edge Animate for the animations or is that a Muse Themes widget?

    The video was a little dark though.

    Also, how did you get the elements on the page to bounce up when I scrolled down?
  3. Jeremei

    Jeremei Well-Known Member

    Great site. Does it need custom css?
  4. asifnm

    asifnm Well-Known Member

    Thanks everyone. The animation is all using animate.css ( Mike; I kept the video dark as I wanted the attention on the text, the video adds a nice background.
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