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Discussion in 'Versa Slide' started by Richard Parry-Davies, May 31, 2016.

  1. Richard Parry-Davies

    Richard Parry-Davies New Member

    Hi all

    I'm creating a fixed width site, so I've got a desktop and mobile version for the site.

    I'm using the Versa slide on the mobile version only; and it doesn't seem to be picking up the mobile page. I've tried editing it to open up a web page, and that seems to work fine; but it's not seeming to locate my Menu page to slide into. All I get is the error 404 message, or in preview just a blank page.

    I've even tried redownloading the file, in both legacy and responsive formats, and neither seem to work (both open up the web page version fine, but cannot locate my 'Menu' page.

    Is there a specific set of settings I need or am missing for this to work on the mobile?

    I'd appreciate help with this ASAP as the client is waiting.

    Many thanks and kind regards,


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