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Solved Versa Slide - conflict w/ 100% height enabler

Discussion in 'Versa Slide' started by beladesign, Dec 17, 2015.

  1. beladesign

    beladesign New Member

    Hi I am trying to create a menu sort of like this website: http://www.periscope.com/ except I want it to work like the versa slide. The widgets work fine apart from each other, but the height enabler makes the slide work very buggy, as if the top of the page is sliding slower than the bottom of the page.

    Here is my BC page for reference: http://vmgcorp.businesscatalyst.com/

    Using Muse 2015.0.2.4
    OS X 10.9.5
    on Chrome - Sliding weirdly in 2 places, and also the rectangle appears cut off
    on FF - Sliding weirdly, but rectangle appears ok at full height.

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  2. DjHerold

    DjHerold Moderator Staff Member Advisory Group

    Beladesign, thanks for posting and a good question. I think the issue is that both widgets are vying for the control of the page and they are conflicting in the code.
    BUT, to achieve the loom you are going for, the better solution is to use the 'Pushy Pane' widget.
    Try this, place your rectangle along the side as in your example. Now place the Pushy Panes widget on your page. Set the slide from left and pae width to 15%. Set your Opacity to 0 and you should get a similar effect to the one shown.
    Let me know how this works for you.
  3. beladesign

    beladesign New Member

    Yes, you're so right, Pushy Panes worked a lot better! I like the 100% pane width view a lot. Thank you!

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