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    Creating a new post

    1. Firstly, navigate to the forum home screen.


    2. Select 'Post New Thread'.


    3. Enter your content in the field, once you are happy with your post, select 'Post New Thread'.


    Using images in posts

    1. Whilst creating or editing your post, select 'Upload A File' below your post to upload your image(s). As you upload files, they will form a list.


    2. Images can be displayed in full view or thumbnail. To insert your image, select either 'Thumbnail' or 'Preview' from your list of uploaded images, which is located below the area where you enter your content.


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    How do I Sort?

    Sorting the forum area you're viewing can be handy for a few reasons - namely finding solved posts quickly. Solved tags are used anytime a question is asked, and an answer has been found. Solved tags are green:


    To view only solved posts, simply click on the green 'Solved' tag. This will sort all of the solved posts to the top:


    Also, the orange column headers (Title, Start Date, Replies, Views, Last Message) are all sortable - just click on any of them to re-sort.


    Using Tags in Advanced Search:

    1. Click on the Search window, then click 'More...' to access the advanced search:


    2. Now find the 'Thread Prefixes' section. Use this dropdown to apply tags to your search. For example: selecting "Solved" will only return threads that have been solved in your search results.

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