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  1. Sunflower

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    PLEASE help me... :eek:
    I have an extremely extensive site with 5 sub-levels and ca. 100 pages (and it’s not even ready yet…).

    Because of the deep sub-levels, I can not go with the Adobe menu for MOBILE - as I don’t see a solution for those sub-levels to all open downwards (and not to the right side). The advantage with the Adobe menu is, that the menu items are automatically generated according to the site plan. So, if anyone knows a solution… pleeeease tell me.
    How did you all solve such a problem?

    However… I do now need a solution for a MOBILE MENU.
    The Dropdown-List Widget looks nice for that purpose, although it has the horrible disadvantage, that I have to type in each single page… :-(

    Also, do I really have to duplicate those max. 4 menu-items again and again and again for all my 100 pages???

    My acute problem is now:

    o_O the internal linking is NOT WORKING. o_O

    Please see attached an example site plan.
    Site Structure example.jpg

    Can you tell me EXACTLY how to do the internal linking and what to type EXACTLY for the page „Über cool Table“ (at the right upper corner in the attached image).
    So that I understand, what I’m doing wrong… :confused:
    Thank you very much in advance! :)

    If you have any other idea, how to do a mobile menu for a complex site, please share your wisdom. :)
  2. Sunflower

    Sunflower Member

    Can you tell me, what to fill in EXACTLY in the "Link Setup" for the page „Über cool Table“ (see image in last post - at the right upper corner) ???
    Thank you!

    Dropdown-List Widget - what to type in, arrows.jpeg
  3. DjHerold

    DjHerold Moderator Staff Member Advisory Group

    Sunflower, if I'm understanding you correctly, you would use Uber cool Table.html
    The only thing you may need to do is replace the spaces with dashes. Muse doesn't play well with spaces.
    Basically, you want the name of your site page to match what you place as the link but with a .html at the end. No need to http or www when it's a page within your site. An example would be if you had a page named "contact", your link would be contact.html.
    If you are trying to go to a part of a page (say on a one page, long site), you would use #yoursectionname.
    Hope this helps

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