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unstable with other widgets

Discussion in 'Pushy Panes' started by victorianpine, Feb 6, 2017.

  1. victorianpine

    victorianpine Well-Known Member

    Will 'Pushy Panes' ever be more stable with other widgets or should I convert to another slide out menu?
    ie will be it be updated so that it can work without effecting other widgets.
  2. DjHerold

    DjHerold Moderator Staff Member Advisory Group

    victorian, typically it's best to stay away from combining other widgets with one like PP. This widget takes control of the page elements by design. There is a list on the widgets product page that says what's best to stay away from.
    BUT, I am hearing that a complete redesign of the widget is on the horizon. No dates yet.
    A good other option might be the 'Sidebar Connect' widget.
  3. victorianpine

    victorianpine Well-Known Member

    Thanks Dj I'll have a look at sidebar connect.
  4. Gareth

    Gareth New Member

    I'm so done with MuseThemes. Literally, every time I use a widget, it doesn't work for some reason or another and no solution is provided. Is it so hard to ask that the products people pay to use, work. I think it's ridiculous to think someone would only use one particular widget, without any breakpoints on a site. It wastes everyone time; your's to develop, ours to implement and then spend hours trying to fix. Please just remove the widgets that don't work, it's a farce.

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