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Discussion in 'Templates' started by Franinger, Dec 2, 2015.

  1. Franinger

    Franinger New Member

    Hi there:

    I'm practicing with the impress template. I have problems when I see it on devices with different resolutions.
    in the menu on the left, the logo shown in different positions. Also the menu on the left cover the body text.
    Part of the social media icons are not fully seen at lower resolutions. The Url is
    Any idea?
    Sorry for my english. I hope you can understand me.
    Thanks a lot.

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  2. DjHerold

    DjHerold Moderator Staff Member Advisory Group

    Franinger, welcome, your message is totally understandable. But I need to ask you a couple of questions to try and locate the issue.
    First, the 'Impress' logo in the side menu is a text box within a group, and that group is within another group that is pinned to the location on the page. When you deleted it and added your logo, did you place it into the group, or only added it on the menu rectangle?
    My guess is you probably deleted it and just added yours' Totally understandable if you did, but probably why it is happening.
    Let me know if I am correct and I will try to walk you through placing it in it's correct location. I think (if my assumptions are correct), that this could solve your issue.
  3. Franinger

    Franinger New Member

    Hi Dj:
    Thanks for your quick response.
    Yes you are right. I just added my logo on the white rectangle erasing the text box and ungroup the group. I can open the original template again and check the groups there are in the "left menu layer" and do it again putting my logo in the text box
  4. Franinger

    Franinger New Member

    I got it. I´ve created the same groups and put my logo in a text box and groupping all and It seems to work. My problem now is to see all the social icons in lower resolutions

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