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Discussion in 'Stacks' started by wingshot, Mar 23, 2016.

  1. wingshot

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    I've been troubleshooting the build of my site and I think the one nagging element is the Navigation—Hamburger Menu Opaque or Overlay. When using the Muse responsive slider in the design build for the Stacks breakpoints of 960 and 1200 you can see the entire Navigation component stretches to the browser widths and works responsively.

    But on the three breakpoints lower than 960—768, 550 and 320 the menu portion of the Navigation continues off the left hand side of the page. When testing for responsive breakpoints in the web browser, this becomes problematic on the various phone sizes, especially if someone turns their phone horizontally. The dreaded bottom scroll bar appears and leaves too much white space to be desired.

    Are there any solutions to this? I tried clicking down levels to reach the opaque menu frame to confirm it's responsive browser width setting, but it isn't an option.
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  2. Sarah

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    I am having the same problem. When you scrub down from the 530 breakpoint the header extends to the left. Pic attached. It does this all the way until you get to the 320 BP.

  3. DjHerold

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    Sarah, remember that when using a scrubber bar (in design or in browser) you need to page refresh to allow muse to send the correct size to the devise calling it up. You don't get this issue when you are on just one device (at this time I can't speak to wingshots issue, as I haven't tested this yet on phone orientation).
    Even if you are seeing this in 'Design', you won't in browser. Another way to combat this if it's bothering you, is to un check 'Shoe lightbox parts while editing'.
    Wingshot, if you are seeing this issue effect mobile orientation, please send in a support ticket (support>contact us), and see if the team can replicate this and give a solution.

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