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Discussion in 'Media Pro Gallery' started by Christopher Baron, Nov 9, 2017.

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  1. Christopher Baron

    Christopher Baron Active Member

    Having cause to produce an enormous gallery showing a wide range of my photography, I was stunned to find a transition problem after creating 2 dozen loaders.

    Initially, I chose 'fade and ease' for transition in the lightbox. Then, I wondered what 'zoom' would look like and changed it. Going to preview page, I found that zoom must be demanding more from my processor than it was comfortable with. All I got from each slide was the black screen and the dreaded spinning wheel.

    I changed it back to the more comfortable 'fade' but was horrified to find; there was now some confusion going on. Some pictures faded in, occasionally one zoomed and again the spinning wheel. I tried everything to flush what I considered must be some kind of cache problem. Nothing worked.

    Eventually, after fiddling with it for a couple of hours, the horrifying thought of recreating the entire thing was beginning to take hold. Finally, I decided to go live with it. Uploading the site to the server. It worked, they all now fade with no confusion.

    I hope I've saved someone a couple of very worrying and frustrating hours.
  2. DjHerold

    DjHerold Moderator Staff Member Advisory Group

    Christopher, sorry you were experiencing an issue. Sometimes Muse can get in it's own way, especially with image heavy sites.
    I wanted to thank you though for posting and possibly saving another user some grief and time.
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