To go Responsive or not?

Discussion in 'General Muse' started by Mike Valkanet, Oct 12, 2017.

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    Hi guys, so I have a project that is built with a Desktop & Phone site. I would like to make it responsive but haven't really tried it yet and I know it will take a decent amount of time to convert the website but long term it would be better.

    1. For those of you who have made the jump, how difficult is the learning curve?

    2. I know it's easy if you just have a full width image and text on top, but what about if you have a lot of small assets on the screen?

    3. Since this website will eventually be over 100+ pages am I going to need 1,000 breakpoints.

    4. How long do you think it would take me to convert? I'm expert level in traditional Muse but just haven't tried responsive yet.
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    I have converted some sites to responsive and in my opinion the best way to convert your site to responsive site is to use combo-method (combination of fixed and fluid breakpoints). Your site's layout is pretty clear, so I think you only need 4 breakpoints, 3 fixed and 1 fluid. You have very many pages so I would reserve at least 7 working days for the converting job when the content material is ready on the computer. This is only my modest opinion about this question.
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