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Discussion in 'General Muse' started by logan44, Sep 16, 2019.

  1. logan44

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    Hi all, I am thinkg of moving to WOC because I like the people running things and support has always been fantastic with musethemes.
    Is it possible to get the same looking sites with the new plateform- I use a lot of templates to start with- and I am curious. Thanks everyone
  2. DjHerold

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    Logan, Great question! The simple answer , Yes most definitely.
    Our W/O platform is fun, easy and provides a Very professional web design experience. I can't think of much at all that it won't provide.
    We have a bunch of Templates (a few that were so popular in Muse that we rebuilt them in W/O) like Build, Mandate, Pioneer, Artisan and Focus to name a few.
    W/O is a more stable design platform also, using our Hosting to make important items like SSL and SEO built right into your design in the package.
    We have a ton of Widgets, and just like with MuseThemes, more and more each Month.
    Although MuseThemes continues to be one of our Mainstays, I highly recommend taking a look (it's free to use our designer) at W/O.
    I think once you try it and see the processional difference between W/O and Muse, you'll be hooked.
    It's great for the beginner to the expert, and you'll only be limited by your imagination.
    Take a look at
    Hope this helps

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