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Discussion in 'Connect - CSV Widgets' started by Lynn S, Mar 23, 2017.

  1. Lynn S

    Lynn S New Member

    I placed the widget in my site. Copy and pasted the speadsheet keys for both the info and presets. When I go to preview the preloader thing just keeps going. Table never comes in.
    This is the key right? (the underlined part)

    Any ideas as to what else may be wrong?
  2. Susan Stramm

    Susan Stramm Active Member

    Yes, that is the right part.

    Happened to me as well - but I refreshed the browser and now it is fine on tablet and desktop. My windows phone is still working on it.

    I tested it in troy labs and there it is working. Now I just need to find someone with an android and iphone in real life to confirm.


    I LOVE this widget.

    This going to save me a tonne of time, updating the reports. Aside from a load time issue, but then since Fred happened, google hates me anyhow :) :(:p
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  3. Susan Stramm

    Susan Stramm Active Member

    Reloading the entire site fixed my mobile stuck on the loader issue :) though not for my windows phone. Oh well who cares about 'them' ;)

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