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Discussion in 'Surreal CMS' started by Brandon, Nov 16, 2016.

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    Hi, I'd like to use Surreal CMS to allow my client to take control of one of thier web pages so they can add/edit/remove job vacancies. Perhaps providing them with one large editable area and some pre-defined styles for headings etc.
    Question... when I make changes to other pages using Muse as normal, and then FTP up site, will it overwrite any off the content my client has added to their vacancies page using the Surreal system? If so, is there any way round this?
    Thanks for your advice ASAP...!
  3. gestyle

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    Hey Guys, I’ve done a connection-test between SURREAL-CMS and my Site and it works, but once I try to “Enable Pages for Editing”, none of the pages are recognised by the System. What next in order to fix it ? Thanks

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