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  1. I am using two headlines. As you can see in the screenshots they are styled up using Open Sans and shadowing. I've placed the widget to the right of the 'YOUR' text box and aligned it as demonstrated in tutorial video. The other screenshot shows how the Headlines text box is not displaying as styled. I was not able to grab a screenshot of the fly-out panel but I'm sure it's correct. I have the paragraph style names (Mission & Success) in the correct locations. I have ensured Resize is set to NONE on the text boxes. I created both text boxes individually, no ALT copy. I tried using Arial font as well with no luck.Any suggestions?


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    I did not find shadow effect in the widget. It means that you can use only those effect options what the widget includes. The widget does not copy all your text box styling or special effects. I tested the widget with Arial font without shadow effect and everything worked OK. I assume that Arial is the default font in the widget?
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  3. Thanks Jeremei

    I guess I missed that important tid bit! lol This is my first foray into using widgets within Muse. Got lots to learn! Thanks again for the information.


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