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SOLVED: Stroke Aligned Inside Blurs Images

Discussion in 'General Muse' started by Artmarks, Jan 28, 2020.

  1. Artmarks

    Artmarks New Member


    This falls into the we-are-so-smart-we-are-stupid category. Here is what we learned about blurry images, and strokes applied to an image.

    1) The blurry images we were seeing were due to the site being set to HiDPI, and us not understanding that images needed to be 2x larger. When we set all images to 2x larger, the images not only became crystal clear on an ipad or retina laptop, strokes applied to the inside or outside had no effect on image quality.

    2) So not using images 2x larger explains why desktop images were clear, and on retina laptop or a new ipad appeared blurry.

    3) This brings us to the answer to the subject line of this post: In addition to the blurry images we were seeing on an ipad due to the image being non-2x larger, when a stroke is applied and it is aligned to the inside, the image blurs even more! Which is what we were seeing.

    Hi all,

    We are seeing that images with strokes set to ALIGN INSIDE.....seem to blur just a bit, really noticeable on an iPad, but can be seen on the desktop as well. When strokes are set to ALIGN OUTSIDE, images are crisp and clear (or as sharp as they can be for a website). This is very subtle. Can anybody confirm or help clarify what we are seeing? If you look at the attached desktop screenshot, notice the large gray text under the chairs. The top version is blurry. We really want to use inside strokes for our portfolio as they seem easier to enlarge and reduce images in perfect alignment. OUTSIDE strokes seem to reduce and enlarge with inconsistent alignment.

    Thanks all.

    Images blur a bit when using a stroke set to align inside.png
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