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Discussion in 'All Other Widgets' started by Norman Durkee, Jan 3, 2016.

  1. Norman Durkee

    Norman Durkee Well-Known Member Moderator

    Is there a way to change in which order the Softbox loads when you press the "next" and "previous" buttons when the lightbox is open? After rearranging the Softboxes they seem to load in the original order while cycling threw. I have tried moving them around in the layers panel with no luck. Thank you for the hep!
  2. Norman Durkee

    Norman Durkee Well-Known Member Moderator

    Perhaps any thoughts on this @DjHerold ?
  3. Steve Harris

    Steve Harris Museologist Staff Member Moderator

    That's a good question - because it's a default (native) Muse Widget, they just seem to load based on the order they are created (when you click the + sign). I would have thought layering would control this... let me investigate
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  4. kritz

    kritz Member

    Not entirely sure this is 100% reliable, but I went and selected each composition in turn and brought it to front, starting at the last one I want displayed and working forward to the first. That seems to have set the list in the desired order.
  5. Renata

    Renata New Member

    I am looking for the same answer! This widget is great for displaying architectural projects with multiple images for each project, but I don't know what I'm going to do when the next images come in and my boss wants me to put them at the beginning of the gallery!
  6. DjHerold

    DjHerold Moderator Staff Member Advisory Group

    Renata, have you tried kritz's suggestion? And if so, what were your results?

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