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Social Media sharing

Discussion in 'Connect - CSV Widgets' started by 360 Creative, Feb 16, 2017.

  1. 360 Creative

    360 Creative Member

    Here's what i received from a client today regarding issues with the social media sharing of article connect.

    "Checked out some of the share links on the blogs for the site and this is what I found.
    Google - did not list the name of the blog or description
    Pinterest - listed the name of the blog but not with any picture and the link didn't work to send them back to read the blog
    FB - link works but the title, pic, and description does not come up when you post
    Twitter - does work!
    Mail Link - doesn't work on my laptop at all when I click on it but works on a mobile device.
    FB Messenger - doesn't work on my laptop at all when I click on it but works on a mobile device. however it has no title or description of blog."

    Can I have advice on this asap please
  2. 360 Creative

    360 Creative Member

    Hey Guys
    Article Connect...great widget and page looks great...however I have an issue with a client as when they click read more and article displays correct they then go to publish to Facebook and it shows the url link but the FB display is the meta description thats entered in the page properties and therefore its the same for every article they wish to post to FB. Twitter for example is fine.
    Any solution to this or is there something in the presets.
    I have since removed the description in page properties and changed the page title but no difference
    Now I have also re indexed that page with google with description removed.
    Need help here
  3. willie555

    willie555 Guest

  4. Ziya Pathan

    Ziya Pathan Guest

    The Links are not properly indexed, That's why they are not showing on Google, post it on your G+ profile for fast indexing. Otherwise Social Bookmarking will help you to get index.
  5. 360 Creative

    360 Creative Member

    Hi Ziya...can you explain this further please

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