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  1. Ariel A.

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    Hi Everyone,
    I'm trying to make the slick slack widget work for a site that i'm building. I read on the reviews to clear that you have to clear the widget content in order to start editing it. When i do that you can edit the stacks but then the arrows don't work and i can't figure out how to make the arrows work again. Here is the site I'm still building it so everything is all over the place.....Thank you
  2. DjHerold

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    Ariel, thanks for posting, let's see if we can help.
    First, remember when working with this widget, it is based on a composition widget. That means we're going to have two major parts to this construction. The first is the "target', that's the area where your three boxes and text resides (in this case you have 3 sets of items in each Target. Image 1,2,3 in target one and 4,5,6 in target two. The reason I say target 1 and target 2, is because I see two of the other part of a composition, the 'Triggers" ( the little boxes below the target area (set to transparent).
    In this widget the sub parts are the forward and back buttons.
    To edit the target (always make sure you have 'show light box parts while editing' clicked in the fly out panel) select the area you want to edit by clicking into it until it's selected. For the images once selected, you can right click and choose replace image (or any other method of image replacement you feel comfortable with> see our video Galleries 101, about halfway through, Steve will touch on editing an composition style widget). The same goes with the text, click the text box until selected and then double click to bring up the text cursor.
    The forward and back arrows are treated similarly, but they can be moved independently to where you want them. Remember that clicking on them will advance the 'Target' to what ever is next, so if you work on 1-3 and them click the forward arrow, it will advance to boxes 4-6.
    The arrows are turn on and off in the fly out panel.
    I'd suggest watching the galleries 101 video, just to be more familiar with the composition widget. That way you can start with our design , and modify it to your liking without having to clear it's contents and start from scratch.
    Hope this helps
  3. Ariel A.

    Ariel A. Member

    Thanks DJ,
    It's working now. Have a great rest of your day

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