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    I am using the Single Lightbox Gallery widget from Muse For You in combination with the 180 hover box on a 4 x 4 grid of portfolio images. I am using a total of 16 triggers to open the portfolio images wherein some of the individual triggers have multiple slide images within them. Most only have 1 slide though. All works well, until after I add trigger no.16 and it's images. At this point all the other images refuse to display the second, third and onwards slides in the triggers when previewed. Even scrolling to the next image in the lightbox becomes disabled. Can you not have 16 trigger? Not sure what the problem is but it is driving me insane as 15 triggers work pefectly. If I delete the trigger 16 and it's images it all works fine. Any suggestions? This is driving me crazy.

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    Anthony, I'm afraid you will need to contact the widget vendor for those products.
    Although we do not have an issue with helping on General issues, we don't provide support for other vendors widgets.
    Thank you for understanding

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