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    I'm running into some fairly significant issues with submenus not opening correctly on initial page load. This is on an iPad, as the application I'm designing is for iPad only - it's a product catalog with multiple levels and categories. It seems that on initial load, the top level menu options load, but the buttons don't work. The only way to get the rest of the menu to appear is to refresh the page. There's also a delay while the menu loads.

    A fix for this from the widget developers would be appreciated! If not for the glitches, this widget would be fantastic...

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    Sorry that you are having trouble with the widget...Im not yet experienced enough to help yet....I had a question though......When creating the spread sheet, where did you find the url for the sub menu's and children pages????? i can't seem to link the url because i don't know what to put in.....
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    So firstly, the menu has nothing to do with how you've set up your pages and child pages.
    In the spreadsheet, you enter numeric info that tells the menu how to display the menus and submenus:
    Each top level menu has a Level number (column B). This determines how the menus and submenus are presented.
    Each individual menu item has to have a unique ID (column C). This is based on the ID number:
    - 2c1 = 'first child menu of top level menu item number 2"
    The parent ID is always the previous ID. If you check out my example, you can see the pattern!
    You simply enter the filename of the HTML page in the URL column "hedrena.html'. You can get the filename from the Page Properties in Muse.
    So the menu snippet below would display as:

    Tops and tees


    Hope this makes sense!



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