Sidebar Connect, Issues with preview, and MS Edge

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    Using Muse on a Windows PC

    When I use Sidebar connect together with a Muse simple slideshow widged (I use it to get a picture 100% browser width) and preview it, the picture is cut off on the right site as long the Browser window is wider than the defined max size of 1440 pixels.

    This happens in preview mode, also in MS Edge browser, but works fine in Chrome.

    It was hard to find out, but is easy to check.
    • Placing a simple slideshow widget on an empty side and make it 100% browser width - preview it - OK
    • Adding a sidebar connect (as it is downloaded) - preview it - the picture is cut off on the right side!
    • Preview it in Chrome - OK, Preview it in MS Edge - pictures right side cut off.
    • Deleting sidebar connect in Muse, do the same checks, anything will be OK with the slideshow, allways 100% browser width.

    I did not try another browser yet, Anyone got the same issue maybe found a workaround?
    I think many windows users using Edge an windows 10, making it work there would be fine.

    My actual workaround is to define the site the width of HD 1920 Pixels, because many monitors these days at least HD compatible. Just hoping no one opens the side on a larger, maybe 4K screen and it opens for default wider than 1920. :(

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