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Sidebar Connect Child Menus and Touch Screen Device iPad Pro

Discussion in 'Connect - CSV Widgets' started by Editor AL, Oct 15, 2016.

  1. Editor AL

    Editor AL Well-Known Member

    Greetings Muse Themes Tech Team!

    I am excited to use the Sidebar Connect widget!
    • Steve's tutorial rocked - good training and support.

    I got the widget set up using the template and left it on my host machine vs google doc.

    It tested fine with a mouse.


    Using an iPad Pro the menu is unstable. When I attempt to select level 2 menu the child menu - it is unpredictable and difficult to select a child/level 2 menu selection.

    Description of issue:

    If i select the Rock Documentary tab it either goes right to the parent directory on level 0 or shows the child menu for level 2 but takes off before i can make a level 2 selection.

    • (Note: THe button name may change by the time you look at this - but any button with children/level 2 menu selections)

    1. I tried removing the URL for the parent menu button.. that didn't work.
    2. I looked for a delay setting in the widget menu... there isn't one....

    Forum Question Note: Are any other users reporting this type of issue using a touch device?

    Tech Spec Question to Muse Themes Team: HOW is the widget supposed to operate with a touch device regarding getting to the level 2 child menu?

    • A) is the user supposed to touch the menu to open it then select the level 2 selection? My tests show it will not stay open long enough to select the child/level 2 menu.
    • B) When using a touch screen device: - Is the user supposed to keep his finger on the screen and slide to the level 2/ child menu?
    • >>When ever i do that (touch longer on widget button) i get another menu popup from the iPad Pro.
    • >>>The iPad menu asks if i want to "open tab in new tab, open in new private tab, copy link or share link."

    >>>>This one behavior is frustrating when attempting to select from the level 2 menu/child menu.
    Again: in order to get the child menus to open by holding my finger on the Sidebar Connect menu selection -- the iPad is constantly opening the other iPad menu. It is confusing. (or it takes off and brings up the parent URL rather that allowing the level 2/child menu to be selected.)

    To get the child menu i have to hold the button down longer than just a brief touch. But if i hold my finger on the button the child level 2 opens but the iPad menu pops up. The menu stays open for level 2 but i have to click some where on the screen to get rid of the iPad menu (aka open new tab etc as above).

    Are any other Sidebar Connect users finding this as an issue?
    If the forum has any suggestions I would appreciate your input.

    Touch Screen devices / iPad pro:
    I am not having any other menus behave problematically on the iPad pro i am testing with

    i am asking you forum widget users for advice on your experience with this behavior and selection for level 2/child menus on any other touch screen devices. (I could just be the lucky one perhaps.)

    If it were not for this one issue... the sidebar connect is a real home run of a widget.

    All the best + Cheers

    Menu PS I began attempting to use Versa Slider months ago when i began this set of projects. After much testing i found unsolvable breadpoint problems: MT indicated that it was being re-built.

    Then - the next recommendation from MT was to use pushy panes. That didn't work and Steve said it was the first time he saw someone put a muse native menu on it the way i did.

    SO when Sidebar Connect showed up it was excited to implement it.

    But now i am at deadline and out of time to experiment and have to release the web sites at this time. I really want to use this widget and the iPad behavior is making me worry about doing so. SO i would love some forum feed back from my "fellow" developers if possible. I did send in a tech help request too.

    (seasonal humor btw Q: why didn't the skeleton cross the road? A: Because he didn't have no guts!)

    PSS in case i am missing something i am including my csv file for you to look at.

    Thanks and Happy widgeting and troubleshooting. I hope you have a some response to this.
  2. Steve Harris

    Steve Harris Museologist Staff Member Moderator

    Hey A.L.

    Thanks for the detailed note - it always makes supporting questions like this so much simpler when we have all this good information.

    The behavior of the menu on a small touch device is something we debated quite a bit internally (and something we're definitely open to revising). The menu is nicely setup for mobile devices because it alters it's format, and drops down vertically (allowing users to touch the small button beside the menu item to open the menu). But I'm guessing what we're running into here is that the mobile instance hasn't appeared at this browser size... based on the settings at the end of the panel. Any chance you've tried boosting that "mobile breakpoint size" parameter up to a much higher value? Even as I write this that's probably not an ideal fix, since the iPad pro has such a massive screen resolution

    Touch devices always pose questions regarding interaction, because there is no hover state. You're either touching the screen, or you're not.

    What if we revised the widget so that a "parent" menu item couldn't have a link on it, but rather only opened a child? We've had a few users say they don't want a link on the parent, but our current version forces one. If we removed that, then tapping once on a parent would simply launch the second child level and problemo solved right?

    Let me know...

  3. Editor AL

    Editor AL Well-Known Member


    Kudos to you on getting Muse Themes rolling! I love it!

    I like your suggestion regarding the parent menu item.

    I did attempt to leave the parent url blank but that did not work to solve the behavior.

    However - if you were to implement a toggle that would allow the parent menu (that has a child menu / level 2 menu on it) to NOT have a url destination that seems like it could do the trick - just as you did suggest in your reply.

    I have a hunch that it could prove more use-able if it were a toggle that would give the choice to either have the parent allow a parent URL to be there or - using the selection for the parent/child menu - have an option to leave the parent without the URL so that touching it would open the level 2/child level and keep it open until the user makes the level 2 selection.

    Alternatively i was wondering if there was a timer option for how long the level 2/child menu stays open... if that might solve the behavior issue with the missing hover state on the ipad? so a parent with a child menu below it, when touched, would automatically hold the child menu open for a predetermined time. then the user could select the child/level 2 option without invoking the iPad menu. If there was a timer option the parent could still have a url destination i suspect. I am not sure though... i did not know there was a missing hover so there may be other factors at play i don't know about with the "timer option" (how long child menu stays open) approach.

    Using your suggested approach in the reply above: your solution would allow the parent that has the child/level 2 menu to just open the level 2 menu and hold until the user makes the child selection

    That would remove two issues reviewed below:
    1. the ipad just goes to the parent url right away with no time to make the child selection and
    2. then the user could make the selection on the child level with out the iPad pro pop up menu being invoked.

    However: i am wondering if just adding a delay timer type option on the parent menu could do the trick.

    Cheers and Kudos to the Muse Themes Team!

    -Editor A.L.
  4. Steve Harris

    Steve Harris Museologist Staff Member Moderator

    Hey Editor A.L.

    Great suggestions! I'll chat with the fellas about this tomorrow on our group call. I'm not sure about if the delay timer is possible because sometimes we can't get around "OS" interactions (like the iPad menu coming up) but we'll investigate and use your response above as a guide. Many thanks, keep the feedback coming! We've got another killer Connect widget coming up this week (at least that's the plan...)

  5. Steve Harris

    Steve Harris Museologist Staff Member Moderator

    Hey Editor A.L.

    Small update! Try entering just a hash symbol (#) as the link URL for menu items where you don't want them linked. That should just fire the sublevel below, but not navigate away from the menu...

    We planned that the whole time... ;)

  6. Editor AL

    Editor AL Well-Known Member

    Hey Steve! Muse Themes ROCKS!

    Nice work on the SIDEBAR CONNECT!!! works great now. Good work.. thanks.

    ALSO PS Please consider updating the Google Translate Widget. I need it for an international student ecology project that would really be great to use on the site. When i used it - strangely enough - Google Translate made SIDEBAR CONNECT totally disappear when I put it on the same page (with Google Translate). SO i had to abandon it because SIDEBAR CONNECT trumps Google Translate necessity wise. But both would be rocket fuel for this international project.

    I got feedback from tech support that it needs an update. THAT is one powerful widget.

    Kudos the the Muse Themes Team and wishing all the Muse users "happy widgeting!"


    -Editor A.L.
  7. Editor AL

    Editor AL Well-Known Member

    PS Steve and Sidebar Connect Users.

    Using the # to make the 0 level directory an unlinked thing is fantastic. Great Widget - Kudos to the team. Keep it up guys!
  8. Jeremei

    Jeremei Well-Known Member


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