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Show Video Player, Safari issues

Discussion in 'SHOW Responsive Video Suite' started by Christoph Bauder, Mar 6, 2018.

  1. Christoph Bauder

    Christoph Bauder New Member

    Hi folks
    I’m writing a comment concerning the video issue or „show responsive video player“. Unfortunately I have the same problem as many users with safari - the video takes a long time to be shown, because it must first be complete downloaded before the rest of the page can be built.
    I did at test. Be careful reading this - im not a programmer an even my english ist not the best…
    First of all I realized reading the code of the widget, the embedded MediaElemtPlayer is based on a version from 2013 (version = 2.19.0). I got the new version (version = 4.2.8, 2017) vom GitHub (https://github.com/mediaelement/mediaelement; http://www.mediaelementjs.com) and tried to build my own widget.
    On my server I placed the „mediaelement-and-player.js“ an linked it to the HTML-code I got from the demo-version folder on GitHub (..mediaelement/demo index.html). In Dreamweaver I did a small clean up the those things I wanted to focus on and linked the script as I mentioned to download from my server. Naturally the links for video content and thumb-images had to be changed. The complete HTLM-code from Dreamweaver was copied into muse…
    Testing the page I was really astonished. It worked. Really fast, no more waiting.
    So I wonder, if the template used from musetheme is perhaps not up to date?

    Best regard from Vienna
  2. DjHerold

    DjHerold Moderator Staff Member Advisory Group

    Chris, thank you for the information.
    I see you've placed a support ticket on this, and I'll defer to the developers on your findings.
    The widget has been updated a couple of times, so my suggestion in the mean time is to be sure you have the latest.
    Also, the team has been looking at some issues with the widget and have a beta version 4 they are looking at.
    Not sure it covers your issue but you may want to ask about it.
  3. Christoph Bauder

    Christoph Bauder New Member

    Hi DJ,
    thanks for the quick replay. Of course I'm using the latest version of the widget (1.3). I entered to musethemes late 2017, so all my widget are up to date. Even on your website (example of the widget, see screenshot) you use the old version of the mediaelementplayer script. I´ll guess there is perfekt team to get a look on this issue. I'm not in the position to qualify it as a bug. But, on my web-server I get nearly 85% user contact with safari. So you can imagine, that I'm looking forward for a solution...

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  4. BillyD

    BillyD Active Member

    Hi--any idea why my full screen SHOW video works perfectly in CHROME, bit not at all in SAFARI?
  5. Christoph Bauder

    Christoph Bauder New Member

    Hi BillyD,
    as you can read above in this thread, I believe this is a problem in the script used by "SHOW Responsive Video Player". Let me explain in just simple words: Safari is first loading the complete video before building the rest of the HTML-page (Chrome starts the stream AFTER building the page). So if you have a large video-file (for example 80mb or more) it takes - depending on your internet speed - up to 30 seconds or more until you see something in your browser. You can test a really small video with "SHOW" and you will see it works fine. Of course that can only be tested by publishing the pages to the web-server with a clear cache.
    If you want to have a look, visit the link: www.see-me.co.at/intro.html
    You will see the same problem you have (it takes a long, long time)

    I made a test with the script from GitHub described above. This is the newer script used in the SHOW widget. The result you can find here: www.see-me.co.at/intro2.html

    To my point of view, we have to wait until musethemes is correcting the script in the widget.

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