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Discussion in 'SHOW Responsive Video Suite' started by sterling_slvr, Mar 6, 2016.

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    I am creating around 25 pages for different video projects, each containing two cases of the SHOW video player (one for each breakpoint).I have set up a template page that looks great. Both video players are working. I am using the the video toolset.

    The plan was to duplicate this page for each of the 25 projects, then fill in the content, switch the links in the video players. However, when I try to duplicate, the video players on the new page will not show up (on either breakpoint).

    - I have tried to 'refresh' the video toolset. No help there.
    - The only way I can get the video players to work is to re-add them (with a brand new toolset) from the library, and then re-format each one to match the previous styling.

    Is it really not possible to duplicate pages and have this widget work? I will have to apply and re-format 50 different players if I cannot find a way.
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    sterling, this may be something I'd suggest you place support ticket on (support>contact us).
    The reason I'm not sure of your question, is because the tool set widget is there specifically to add code to the page that once loaded doesn't need to add additional code to your site making it heavier (as Steve mentions in the product video). This may have something that would make it an issue with copying and duplicating the widget controller, but I am not positive. Also, Steve mentions a quirk with the need to refresh the widget, not sure if that comes into play or not, but worth a shot.
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    After some trial and error, it seems to be working again if I toggle back and forth from Youtube and Vimeo in the player settings. This must hold a stronger refresh than unchecking and re-checking the toolset option. Fingers crossed it continues to work :)

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