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Discussion in 'SHOW Responsive Video Suite' started by Markus Ziegler, Sep 12, 2016.

  1. Markus Ziegler

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    I have included the toolset for the SHOW SUITE.
    I have placed two identical accordions on the canvas.
    I have placed the same dimensions video with the responive selfhosted player inside the accordion.
    One loaded open and the other one loaded close.
    NOW: watch this. The videos show with different sizes.
    In the closed one the video ist to big and falls out of thze accordion.
    Here is the temp site:

    Can someone help me.
    I want to make a site with a lot of videos in closed accordions for the iPhone.
    Cannot have them display wrong...
  2. DjHerold

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    Markus, I'm going to suggest you place a support ticket (support>contact us) on this.
    I'm seeing more and more issues with the native accordion since the last Muse update on this very same issue.
    Before I say this is an Adobe issue, I'd rather you have our team take a look at your file to see what they think.
  3. Darron

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