Solved Round Images in Build Template

Discussion in 'Templates' started by Ken, Feb 6, 2017.

  1. Ken

    Ken Member

    Sorry for this, normally I like to reverse-engineer before asking and this is a simple one. I cannot figure out how to change the round images in this template into normal square ones. Yes, I can replace the image, but I am curious how you made the image round without using the rounded corners option built into Muse. I *know* I have seen a tutorial somewhere--and I have done diligence and searched the forums. I just cannot find the right phrase to bring up the answer I need. Thanks in advance.

  2. Jeremei

    Jeremei Well-Known Member

    1. Activate round image
    2. Go to Object
    3. Select convert shapes
    4. Convert to squares
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  3. Ken

    Ken Member

    Haha! Easy peasy. Cheers mate... Case closed.

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