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Responsive revamp of company site.

Discussion in 'Member Showcase' started by dooalot, Jun 14, 2016.

  1. dooalot

    dooalot Active Member


    I recently redesigned our company website to be updated to responsive design. There are still a lot of fine-tuning things I probably need to do, but I thought I'd post the link in case anyone wanted to see it. This is my first full scale venture into responsive design. I don't drink but I think I might start now. ;-) Here is the link...


    I started with the "street smarts" template, but by the time I got through designing there wasn't much of the template left :) I also used the Media Pro gallery widget with OK results... but there are issues with the sizing/distorting of images in the lightboxes, more noticeable in some places than others. Also problems with load times in the galleries, even though I made sure to optimize all my images... therefore, I also ended up employing the page pre-loader widget on those pages, to help keep the viewer engaged in case things are too slow.

    Overall I am happy with it, but am looking forward to doing more responsive design projects so I can improve. I've very comfortable with print design, but not so much with web!

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  2. asifnm

    asifnm Well-Known Member

    Laura the site is good overall but a few observations. The menu area is far too crowded, if you really need the icons you should make them smaller, the logo,icons and text and far too close, I understand you did this to minimise the work required for the smaller breakpoints but it needs work, Also in your footer the text on the last line is partially cut off right down to the smaller breakpoint, consider moving this up to give more padding. Any reason that the social media icons are missing in the mobile breakpoint?

    One final point I would not recommend having the iframe for the website portfolio, a simple screenshot with a link to the site is more effective and more professional.
  3. dooalot

    dooalot Active Member

    Thanks for the critique, I'm considering certain updates based on what you suggested. I won't try to explain why certain things are currently done the way they are... suffice it to say, these are all points/questions I wrestled with a good while before ending up where I did. But I imagine a few things on the site will be tweaked and updated over the next several days as I figure more things out. Thanks again!
  4. Mackenzie Campbell

    Mackenzie Campbell Moderator Staff Member

    Hi Laura, nice site! Do you mind if we feature this on our social channels?
  5. dooalot

    dooalot Active Member

    Hi Mackenzie. I don't mind. :) I still think the site leaves a lot to be desired and I haven't had time to work on it recently. But feel free to share it if you like!
  6. Jose Cox

    Jose Cox New Member

    I just noticed the one thing that you might want to look into: in the works page there is some extra space below the images. One tends to scroll down just to find out there is nothing else, so i'd get rid of that extra space to make it look sharp.
    Other than that the site looks just fine ;-)

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