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    Hi Guys,

    I am trying to design a side for a photographer. All is going well. Bit to prevent that his work will be downloaded, I used the disable right click widget. It works well. But it is still possible after clicking the thumbnail, and the "real" picture opens, that visitors can download the original" picture, or drag and drop the picture. Of course they can disable the javascript and stealing is possible as well.
    I found this solution on the Adobe forum:

    "Place an empty images frame using the rectangle frame tool exactly on top of your image and all should work as expected. This is, what cloudninedesign suggested to do in a little bit more structured way."

    This is great, BUT if I do so, I cannot use the Rapid Reveal option and show the original picture with the extra information.

    Is there someone who knows another solution to prevent stealing pictures, with Rapid Reveal?

    Thanks a lot
  2. Dutchybert

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    hello All,

    Guess no-one has any ideas?
    If some one has another solution, please share it with me


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