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Solved Pushy Panes Java error

Discussion in 'Pushy Panes' started by Scale Creative, Aug 1, 2016.

  1. Scale Creative

    Scale Creative Member

    I've seem to hit a bug.

    When I add pushy panes to my site, I'm getting a bug where none of the compositions will function anymore. Scrolling also gets slightly buggy.

    When I preview in browser I get the following message:

    JavaScript exception: Error calling selector function: TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'a.toLowerCase')

    I've posted the site to checkout.

    I've removed it and added back in with no luck. Please help.

  2. Jeremei

    Jeremei Well-Known Member

    I can see that you have also other widgets on the site.
    Try to do in this way to find out where could be the issue.

    1. Open a new site
    2. Create some empty pages e.g. Home, About, Classes and Trainers
    3. Copy Pushy Panes widget from "BoxFit" site to Master page on the new site
    4. Preview the new site in browser view to check that is the Pushy Panes widget working without content on the pages
    5. If it is working so start to add one by one content to the pages and you can see when the site will stop to work in a proper way.

    There is a possibility that other widgets (one or more) can cause the conflict with Pushy Panes widget but you can not get find out it without testing.

    If you can not find out the problem so I recommend to send a support ticket to MT-team.
  3. Scale Creative

    Scale Creative Member

    Thanks for the reply Jeremei,

    That is actually how this iteration of the site came to be, I started a completely new site and built from scratch, one item at a time. I guess I'll have to submit a support ticket.
  4. kav

    kav Member

    Any update here? I'm getting the same error. I just downloaded Pushy Panes 1.2 and I am using Muse 2017. Working on a brand new site that is not live yet. Only contains minor elements and a lightbox widget so far. I can close the error window and see my page in preview mode, but a lot of the elements are all out of place. Thanks!
  5. kav

    kav Member

    Found out it didn't like a menu widget within the child pane. Manually built a menu with text boxes...

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