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Pushy Pane Problem

Discussion in 'Pushy Panes' started by Darron, Sep 16, 2016.

  1. Darron

    Darron Active Member

    Hello All,

    I submitted this to tech support but wondered if anyone was having this issue of has a fix.

    Pushy panes causes my images to be squished and miss aligned on my page.
    Upon further inspection, the problem seems to be with image boxes.
    Rectangles with a background image fill seem okay.
    But placed images and pushy panes done get along well on my site.

    However, I'd prefer to use the place images for the flexibility they offer.


    Thanks in advance


    Screen Shots:
    01. This is how the page should look.
    02. This is how it renders in browser when unaltered pushy panes is added.


    03. Curious as to where my image went, I moved it to the center of the rectangle box, rendered it in browser, and this happens.
    04. Same as 03 with pane activated.
    05. Replaced the image box with a rectangle box and applied image background fill.
    06. Same as 05 with pane activated.
    Lastly, the widget seems to alter all placed images on the page.

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