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Pushing logo in header

Discussion in 'Presentation Panels' started by Paul Engel, Mar 4, 2016.

  1. Paul Engel

    Paul Engel New Member

    here is a site I have in development: http://testhr.businesscatalyst.com/distillery.html#distill1

    If you navigate to the distillery page, there are a few problems from adding the presentation panels widget. In all breakpoints it pushes the logo to the top of the page. I have the logo, navbar (black rectangle), and the versa slide widget all with a graphic style of header to use the option in the presentation panel widget.

    Also when I view the site on my iPhone 5c, the distillery page always displays half of the contact page that is supposed to slide in only when the versa slide button is pressed.

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  2. Anna Davis

    Anna Davis Member


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