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    One aspect we're really excited about with our Connect series of widgets are the presets sheets. These widgets have almost all of the styling options contained in the presets sheets. This means that "themes" can be created, using colors, fonts, and more.

    If you're proud of the gallery, chart, menu, or blog that you've created, and are open to sharing the presets with the community, please post it here. Preset themes are a great way to jump start a project in a hurry!

    Posting Guidelines:
    • Start a new thread and name your theme. Go crazy here! Maybe something like "Sara's Super Cool Gallery Theme : )"
    • Provide a link or screenshot to a preview
    • Attach the .CSV file, or provide a link to the Google Sheet (make sure to make the file "view only" for the public! You don't want people editing your original. Users will need to make a copy)
    • Optional: Provide notes on what you like about the theme
    • Optional: Let us know if you have any restrictions on usage

    Thank you!
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