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    I have a site that has been using Pop-Ups Pro successfully for a long time (years). It uses Pop-Ups Pro for a lot of contact forms (over 40) and has never had any problems - until recently.

    I made some edits to the site and when I launched the updates, a few of the Pop-Ups Pro contact forms are going to a blank white screen. 3 of the 40 Pop-Ups started doing this.

    I have checked and double checked the graphic styles to make sure I had no duplicate style names and checked all settings and everything looks good. I even recreated the problematic ones from scratch with new style names and they are still going to white screens.

    Everything is working properly in preview mode, and also when previewed on browser.

    An example of one to of the problem Pop-Ups is the button "Contact Wendy Blair" on the page shown here. If you try the other contact buttons next to it, they all work properly.


    Please let me know if you have any ideas on how to fix this. Thank you!!

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