Solved Platform template - how do I get phone and tablet to work?

Discussion in 'Templates' started by Jeff ONeil, Apr 2, 2017.

  1. Jeff ONeil

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    I've designed my site using the Platform template. What I cannot do is figure out how to get my phone and tablet versions to work etc. The template comes with layers indicating phone and tablet layouts are there but How do I see them and propagate the design over to them?

    I've read on the adobe site about using the "Page" section in the menu to create phone and tablet versions and it indicates I have to copy from the Desktop version...but I can't figure that out either.

    I'm having way more fun than I ought to!

    Using Muse 2017 on Mac
  2. DjHerold

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    Jeff, this template was designed prior to 'Responsive' Muse and as such is what is called an 'Adaptive' design.
    Basically it means, that rather than one design that is made across multiple Break Points to accommodate the expanding and shrinking of a site called up by a device, it is actually three designs in one 'File'. Each one is opened by the device asking for it (a desktop, template, or a mobile). Muse has in it the ability to tell which device wants what type of file, and it then uses the design most fitting the device.
    In my attachment you will see that even though Muse is now slanted towards a responsive design, it has the ability to detect the older designs and open them as if in the earlier version of Muse. I mention this because in the Plan mode (as shown) it has three buttons at the top to show if you have multiple layouts (ie: adaptive designs). As in this case, you do and by selecting each Mode, you will see your devices design, and be able to alter or use that design.
    When you upload your file, Muse will load all three and summon the one the device calling for it requires.
    Hope this helps

  3. Jeff ONeil

    Jeff ONeil New Member

    DJ, I was able to get the phone and tablet to show in the plan view but the content is not there. Can you suggest which of the training videos above would lead me to the "How to" for getting the content in all devices. I did click on copy from template when adding the Phone and Tablet.
    UPDATE: I did reload the site to Biz Catalyst and I now have the Phone content needs some adjusting. How can I do that if nothing shows up in the plan or design mode.

    I'm also seeing a difference between your image and my Muse layout. Your Master A-Master has content...mine has nothing. It never did. *** Since writing I have found the content in the original Platform - Looks like I'll have to start over with the design from scratch.

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