Place ALL Options in the Spreadsheets? Looking For Your Feedback!

Discussion in 'Connect - CSV Widgets' started by Brandon, Dec 12, 2016.

  1. Brandon

    Brandon Widgetsman Staff Member Advisory Group

    Hey All,

    We're looking for feedback on something...

    As you know, our Connect series of widgets use spreadsheets for updating options and content (we call these "Presets" and "Content" sheets). We've had a great response from users with this system. Some options however, have remained in the widget option panels, like color selection. The idea behind this was that the color swatch tool would make choosing colors more convenient.

    We're thinking of using the spreadsheets for ALL options going forward. This will boost the power and flexibility of the Connect widgets. You would no longer have to open Muse and republish a site to make changes to colors or fonts for example. We would add the styling options to the presets sheets, so there would still be only two spreadsheets to work with, instead of three.

    What we've heard from designers is that they are generally working with a color palette or swatches already, so pasting a color's hex code into the spreadsheets is super simple. What do you think? We'd love to have your feedback!

  2. Antonio CS

    Antonio CS New Member

    Brandon ok I hope to customize: icons, text, arrows and backgrounds as soon as possible.
    good job
  3. Chadwick Spence

    Chadwick Spence New Member


    I would like to see the label function moved from the settings panel to the csv. For example, if I want the labels to me dates then they can automatically update.
  4. Nathan Dean

    Nathan Dean Member

    Here's my vote: It should be BOTH. Allow users to decide which they'd rather use. Can that even be done? I don't know. But it'd be the best solution I think!
    The graphic designer in me says "No no no!!! Don't do that! I want my colors to link via the library cloud, from Illustrator!" (Having my colors linked from Illustrator saves me a lot of time, I'm sure you are aware of this feature), On the other hand, the web designer in me says "Yes yes yes! Speed is great! And having to re-upload something via Muse can be a pain just for a few simple color changes" - Given Muse was created more for Graphic/Visual Designers, I guess I'd go with that choice if you guys can't do both. AKA, leave the colors as they are - linked to the library. Don't take away abilities from the visual people - that was what this program was meant to do originally. I am a visual designer - which is why I don't like to code a lot, and don't like using Dreamweaver either.
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  5. Massimo Zanoletti

    Massimo Zanoletti New Member

    I would like to customize as much as possible from spreadsheet

  6. Skline

    Skline Member

    Yes, more is always better, even if it does make it hard to sort through. Much better than having a parameter not looking right.

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