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  1. Meredith Hamilton

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    I am having difficulty adding extra text to the Home Page Services section. I see that there is a state button, as well as pinning, which I have duplicated. Suggestions please? It is turning into an explosion when viewed at smaller screen sizes.
  2. Jeremei

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    First of all I would say that it is a little bit risky to change original template´s layout, especially when we are dealing with responsive themes.

    If you want to add more text to Pioneer template so you must check every breakpoint how these changes are influencing to other breakpoints. You must manually fix added text position in each breakpoint where the problems occure.

    I can see that you have also removed png-images (Services) from original template. Behaviour of different contents inside a state button is sometimes unexpected.

    My advice is that try stay in original template layout, in this way you avoid problems. But if you necessary want to add something extra to original layout so you must be ready to fix potential problems MANUALLY in all breakpoints.

    Good luck! :)

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