Solved Parallax scrolling for Tablet and Mobile devices?

Discussion in 'General Muse' started by Sean Malloy, Mar 28, 2016.

  1. Sean Malloy

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    Is this out of the question when designing a site in Muse?
  2. Norman Durkee

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    Hey @Sean Malloy , are you referring to scroll effects as in as you scroll items appear on the page or actuall parallax where the item moves around via mouse hover? As for parallax effect itself I have used it on a mobile site in the past and the it worked wonders, instead of being triggers by a hovering mouse, it would move around as your tilted the phone. Hope that answers your question, and I didn't please tell me!
  3. DjHerold

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    Sean, to add to what Norman has said, if you are building a fixed style site, then yes, you can still use Parallax Scrolling.
    But, if you are building a fluid site, then no, Adobe hasn't released a version with those capabilities. They are definitely working on it, but they left that functionality off the latest versions intentionally.
  4. Sean Malloy

    Sean Malloy Member

  5. asifnm

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    I would not use scroll effects on a mobile device as muse creates so much code that the mobile devices cannot deal with it (at least no where near the smooth effect you get on a desktop device). You'll get elements which jump unexpectedly.
  6. Wow.. I am literally heart broken... I rocked mobile parallax on quite a few sites including my main site for 3 years and people were blown away "I have never seen a site do that!" and yes of course literally two days after the latest responsive Muse was released I'd thought my dreams had come true, watched all the responsive tutorials that sunday and then WTH where is the Scrolling option?? So I stuck with fixed versions and building three layouts... but lately, really tonight I noticed how choppy it is, totally unusable, and can't find any answers on google, so hoped maybe someone in the Muse Themes Fam might have any light to shed?? #holdingbacktears http://TheWebStylist.LA you can see but this mostly same layout two years ago was butter smooth On Safari and Chrome mobile view is just embarassing now and a director hired me to design his site mainly for these elements and adding a #livingphoto (at bottom of my main page, the only vids that can autoplay and loop on all mobile devices) it's not a conflict between those flavors as the parallax totally choppy and visibility in and out with or without a living photo/cinemagraph on the same page

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