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Panels merge when i re-enter the page

Discussion in 'Presentation Panels' started by Matthias Gengenbach, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. Matthias Gengenbach

    Matthias Gengenbach Active Member

    Hey guys,
    I have designed a site with multiple pages and breakpoints. So far the panels widget works great!

    However, when I upload my page on BC and visit the various pages initially, everything goes fine. When I click through the various pages and re-enter (for example the second page in my menu), all panels show up merged. This happens randomly, sometimes everything is fine, sometimes they are merged. As I said, this doesn't happen at the beginning, mostly then when I have clicked on every page and I visit one of the panel pages for the second or third time. Sometimes a refresh helps and sometimes not.

    What have I done wrong?
    Do the State Buttons all need to touch the very top of the one above them? The first one has to be Full Width and Y Axis 0, right?
    What else may be the case for this error?

    Thanks for your help!

    Regards, Matthias
  2. Matthias Gengenbach

    Matthias Gengenbach Active Member

    Update: I managed to shrink the bug down by adding the direct panel links to my menu. This means that the links in my homepage menu directly lead to the first panels of the different websites (e.g. Button "Das leisten wir" in my Menu is linked to: http://mysite.businesscatalyst.com/das-leisten-wir.html#panel1). In Firefox and Chrome this works perfectly. However, Safari doesnt like this solution at all. The bug is still there (see Screenshots) and sometimes even the whole page doesn't load. I found an article dealing with presentation panels and safari, but when i click on read more, I'm redirected to another page on MuseThemes.

    That means I still need help :)

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