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Discussion in 'Beta Testing' started by Brandon, Jul 27, 2016.

  1. Brandon

    Brandon Widgetsman Staff Member Advisory Group

    Hey All, here's a new widget up for beta testing!

    OnLoad Animator
    - This widget applies animation to Muse elements in your site. Use it to add interest to CTA's (Calls To Action) like buttons, scroll prompts, headlines. Or just to draw attention to an image or message. Demo

    • 30 animation types
    • Supports an infinite number of instances
    • Single/Repeat animation
    • And more...
    Grab it from our Beta Testing page:
    Please login before visiting link.

    Download includes a basic muse file demo. To set up a new instance of the widget, drop the widget into your project, assign a graphic style to an element (rectangle, text, image, state button, etc) and define the graphic style name in the widget option panel.

    Please discuss any feedback or issues here. Thanks!!
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  2. Brandon

    Brandon Widgetsman Staff Member Advisory Group

    A few details on some of the less-obvious widget options:

    Replay: This enables the element to animate again once you scroll away and come back to the element. Example: if you had a button at the top of a page set to animate, it would not animate again if you scrolled to the bottom then back to the top of the page unless this option is enabled.

    Bounding Box: This option allows you to put the element inside a state button and set that state button to be the bounding box. The Mask Graphic Style setting is tied to this, and will be disabled unless Bounding Box is enabled.
  3. Clayton75

    Clayton75 Member

    This is great! Seems to work properly as far as I can tell. Any chance more animations could be added - like all of the "slide" animations? I use that often with another similar widget. This one is superior given the "delay" feature.
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  4. Ritchieb

    Ritchieb Active Member

    Hey Brandon, great that we can try things when they are in the production fase. What i don't get to work is the Replay function. Well at least i think that it does not behave as it suppose to be.
    I have a couple of boxes "flying in" (with fade in right/left) when scrolling down. So when scrolling down they appear out of nothing and that's exactly what i suspected it to do. But when going back to the top of the page and scrolling down again, the boxes are already on their ending position. And as soon as i reach a certain point, the animation starts as shown the first time. I would have expected that the animation starts again with the boxes not being shown and then flying (fading) in when getting there.

    In your demo one sees that for instance the flying in "fill" boxes in the skills area reset themselves to zero every time you are back at the top of the page. So there it works as you would expect it. So i took that as reference.

    PS: wanted to upload the file so you could see what i had done but i got a message that .muse isn't a right file extension

  5. Scale Creative

    Scale Creative Member

    I believe you have to zip the file to upload.
  6. Ritchieb

    Ritchieb Active Member

    Nope, zip is also greyed out ;-(
  7. maxi03

    maxi03 New Member

    Hi Brandon,

    Love the new Onload Animator widget. I've been waiting for something like this for Muse and its finally here - great job!

    Couple of questions though:
    1) The bounding box and Mask options - What does it enable you to do that is different from the normal functionality and could we have some direction on how to use it properly? Struggling with it a bit.
    2) Will this widget be compatible with other MuseThemes widgets? I've tried it in Presentation Panels and it doesn't quite work properly. When i scroll down to panel 2 my text does not animate in until i stretch my browser slightly. As soon as i alter the browser height or width it starts to animate???
    3) Could you also let me know what setting you used to animate the bar graph on your demo? And whether you used any other MuseThemes widget when making the Demo page?

    Look forward to continued testing.

  8. Brandon

    Brandon Widgetsman Staff Member Advisory Group

    Hey All! The beta has just been updated to v3.

    This update adds:
    • New functionality (and clarification with panel labels) for loading and reloading animated objects. You can now:
      • Animate once when in view
      • Animate whenever in view
      • Loop animation
    • Fixes brief animation reload giltch

    Download the update here:

    Also, please read my post below to reply to your previous comments...

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  9. Brandon

    Brandon Widgetsman Staff Member Advisory Group

    Chances are, we're using every animation available to us for this, but let me double check!

    The latest beta update (v3) should correct this. Please see my post just above.

    Yeah, unfortunately the forums are pretty particular on what file types can be uploaded. It's a security measure. But we will look into potential ways around this, as it does make things difficult.

    1) Good question. Those settings are for utilizing this widget within a state button. Sometimes may not want the animation to fly in from off canvas. By containing animations within state buttons, you can control where animations begin and end. This is how the bar graphs were done in the resume demo. We will break down how to utilize these features in the tutorial video.
    2) Compatibility with other widgets is very important to us. Building widgets to work within the Muse architecture can however be very challenging - from a development perspective. Presentation Panels is a powerful widget that takes control of page positioning. The OnLoad Animator may conflict with Presentation Panels because they both want to use page positioning.
    3) They were placed in a state button, as mentioned in point number 1

    Thank you all for your feedback!
  10. Wim

    Wim New Member

    i run it on a test site and it is working fine
  11. Ritchieb

    Ritchieb Active Member

    Problem solved... everything is working fine as far as i can tell. Thanks

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