No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA - 'I am not a robot' is not showing

Discussion in 'All Other Widgets' started by spyder, Oct 24, 2016.

  1. spyder

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    Hi there,
    I've added the reCaptcha widget to a form, which is working fine, but it's incredibly hard for people to see the two images on mobiles, so people won't be filling out my clients' forms when it's so difficult. My main question is why isn't the 'No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA', otherwise known as 'I am not a robot' captcha, showing under the forms instead? Google created that so it's easier for people to simply select the checkbox instead of trying to read two tiny images on mobile. This is a widget issue and I'm wondering if this will be fixed or if anyone knows of a simple fix. I was looking at some of the forums the other day and some people wrote that if more people asked for this fix then the widget might be updated. This is very important as my new client is getting a ton of spam with his forms, but with the widget as it is now, people can't see the images well at all on mobiles.

    My client's page is

    Google's reCaptcha page is:

    Thank you.
  2. DjHerold

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    spyder, I would suggest the Adobe forum to see if they are doing anything with this in the next release (now in Beta).
    Since all muse form (in widgets at least) are based on Adobes stock widget, issues like this are typically something Adobe will need to make changes to ( if they see it as a widget issue and not a design one), before we see it in Muse.
  3. spyder

    spyder Well-Known Member

    Thanks Dj,
    I've went to Muse's forum and added a post there, hopefully they'll fix this soon, it's pretty important. Cheers.

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