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Discussion in 'General Muse' started by AndyWear, Sep 16, 2016.

  1. AndyWear

    AndyWear New Member

    Hi guys,

    So this might be a very simple solution I can't figure out.
    I'm using the "build" theme right now and where the headers are, everything i scroll down the page, the title scrolls down also. I turned off the pinning and the footer, and it still stays locked on the page for me. I don't know how to keep it to stay still.

    What am i missing??

    It works fine for me when I start a new project, but for some reason it keeps staying pinned on my current project.
  2. AndyWear

    AndyWear New Member

    Most the time I edit something something, it crashes. So instead of trying to edit some of the text, I create a new one, but when I create a new one, the pinning/scrolling doesnt work right. Its driving me nuts.
    Is there something coded into each of these lines of texts?
  3. DjHerold

    DjHerold Moderator Staff Member Advisory Group

    Andy, let's start with your first question. I want to be sure I'm understanding what you're trying to achieve.
    In this design, the header items are supposed to stay fixed at the top of the page, as the user scrolls down the page.
    As you stated, this is done with 'Pinning'.
    You said that you want it to "stay still". does that mean you want it to (the header) to scroll up as the page is scrolled?
    You also stated that you "turned off the pinning", did you do this for all the break points that have this type of header/nav?
    Remember, this template is a bit different in the way it's constructed. Even though it is responsive, it's built on Fixed breakpoints (not fluid).
    That means that your content on each break point needs to be treated as if it's independent of the other break points (kinda like each is a separate page).
    To your second question (if the explanation above doesn't help with this question), could you give us a bit more info about what you're describing about the 'crashing' when editing? Nothing should 'crash' when being edited, so that the first thing we need to address.
    Hope this helps
  4. AndyWear

    AndyWear New Member

    Hi DjHerold.

    The crashing occurs when I try to change one of the text lines. There were 2 occasions that it kept crashing.
    1. When trying to change the bottom copy right line.
    2. When trying to change the menu/tab with Home, Services, About etc
    It was constantly doing that so I ended up doing a few work arounds for it.
    Copy pasting and then replacing the text still crashed.

    As for the pinning. On top you guys have the menu fixed and pinned.
    I had to write out my own menu and used the same pinning on top of the menu, but for some reason it keeps scrolling instead of staying pinned on top of everything.

    On the bottom where the copyright was, changing that crashes everything every time also.

    One more thing to add, the social media icons on the bottom, when previewed, the icons change into 2 smaller icons every single time for some reason... I think its suppose to scroll, but it just stays fixed like that with the 2 tiny icons.

    I'm using the "BUILD" template.
  5. Timothy

    Timothy New Member


    I just had this problem as well, as I added a company logo where the "build" logo is on the top left and it kept scrolling with the page rather than staying at the top. My solution was to click on the object (this was on the master), to click "transform" on the top right and change the selection from "pin to page" to "pin to browser" (uncheck from pin to page). Then I also clicked on "align" which is next to "transform" with the object selected and clicked "align to" and changed it to "align to content area." This kept the image from scrolling with the page. Hope this helps.

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