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Discussion in 'Member Showcase' started by Graeme Humpston, Dec 5, 2015.

  1. Graeme Humpston

    Graeme Humpston Member

    The is my first and only site I've built using muse. I semi Professional wedding photography, I'm a bit savvy when it comes to computers and fancied having a go at building my own site. Having no knowledge of html css etc.. Muse was the ideal platform for me.

    My site has under gone many new looks along the way but has not changed for some time now, I'm looking forward to the new responsive update coming up. I really hope it speed things up as it takes me ages when i have to do a new blog post etc..

    I wish there was a drag drop solution for photo blogging ( like tumblr/mumblr) but native within muse, one day maybe, but i have to say Muse-themes has helped me sooo much. After finally deciding to sign up to you guys my site definitely came on leaps and bounds using various widgets and tools of yours

    I know its not perfect, but i do struggle a bit technically and more so for time. This is it so far and its still work in progress.

    Critique Welcome :)
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  2. DjHerold

    DjHerold Moderator Staff Member Advisory Group

    Graeme, thank you for posting your site. I really liked it. It's clean, well laid out and perfect for your subject matter (not to mention, you guys take great photos). I think you did a great job. If I had any criticism ( and this is small) it would be the Client page wasn't consistant with the navigation of the rest of the site. I see you are sending your viewers to another site/page and they can open the Home page from your logo, but some people might find it difficult to get back to the main site.
    Still a great job.
  3. Steve Harris

    Steve Harris Museologist Staff Member Moderator

    Very very impressed - I'm a big fan of your site. I think it looks really great, well done. I love that you kept it clean / white, and let your photography do the talking (big fan of your photos as well). Everything shows really well.

    Sorry to hear about the trouble doing your blog posts. I had a look through them, and I can see why it takes a while - you're adding long pages of 20+ photos, and that's not much fun in Muse. I wonder if there's a solution out there that we can assist with. We've received a lot of requests from photographers to create a Smugmug widget - have you used that for photo galleries? I'm just thinking you could upload the photos to Smugmug, and we'll pull them into the "blog" pages using a widget that just links to a gallery. Chances are if you're having this problem other photographers are as well...

    Anyhow nice work - thanks for sharing!
  4. Alex Wiley

    Alex Wiley Product Specialist / Widget Development Staff Member Advisory Group

    Hey @Graeme Humpston,

    You say you're a semi professional wedding photographer? Well my friend, add professional website designer to your portfolio as that is one stunner of a site! I absolutely love it and frankly if I was after wedding photography and I stumbled upon your site then you would be seriously considered in my eyes just from the impression I get from your site.

    I love the vibrant image at the top, it really sets the tone for the rest of the site and invites you to want to scroll down more. As you scroll through the site you have used a truly excellent implementation of scrolling effects to slide in the navigation bar, that is very impressive indeed. You have also executed the balance of your font amazingly throughout your site, keeping in sweet and crisp.

    That is some seriously good work there my friend, I cannot fault your site. The blog section is beautiful. I'm tagging @Christopher Watson so that he can check this out, he will love it!

    Thank you for posting!
  5. Graeme Humpston

    Graeme Humpston Member

    Thanks for the feed back, I've spent ages developing this site, so positive comments like those above really do put a smile on my face.

    In response to your guys feedback, firstly DJ

    Ive spent ages looking at various solutions for our client area of our site. To build it in muse was not an option way to time consuming and the capability of what pixieset offers in comparison i wouldn't know where to start.

    I did try zenfolio and smugmug and started to have a play getting them to look more seamless with my site but when it comes down to speed and slickness out of the box pixieset was the one although it has limited customisable options, it looks nice its responsive and it integrates uk print labs etc so we don't have to do anything clients can proof for albums, buy artwork, prints etc... it was also competitive on price :)

    Hi Steve

    Once again thanks for the comments :)

    blogging..... its the biggest draw back for me i really like how I've got mine looking and I'm looking forward to making it responsive too, its just so damn time consuming...

    I love how easy tumblr is with its drag and drop options and the ease of changing the layout etc... Ive even tried to embed it into my site but i end up with this thin strip in the middle (even more so on 5k iMac) maybe it can be coded at the tumblr end but have no knowledge of how and would it be responsive.

    Smugmug widget now there is an option for just blogging i wouldn't mind singing up to the lowest membership if you can embed on that package. Would it be possible to have custom layouts and would they be responsive etc. I can't see myself using smugmug for my client area though, just the blog maybe. I definitely would consider it especially if i could replicate something similar to the look of my blog now.

    Exciting times :)

    Thank you very much I'm flattered...your comments are so welcoming cheers Alex


    whilst on the subject of my site if you nav to the home page you see that the Instagram widget displays the thumbnails as both squares and rectangles depending on how they have been uploaded to Instagram, just wondered how they have managed to get the to display as squares on this site (think it might be WP tho)

    i would love them all to show as squares :)
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  6. Mike Valkanet

    Mike Valkanet Well-Known Member

    Great work. Looks modern and clean.
  7. asifnm

    asifnm Well-Known Member

    Very good use of white space and really professional website, also great photography, you should be really proud of the work.
  8. Levi Jones

    Levi Jones Active Member

    It is a beautiful site. I would add a bit more contrast between the featured post gallery background and the text. Also, when the Header is over the Instagram section at the bottom "Pin It" shows up on top of the Header. Your Gallery takes a bit to load, but other than that it is a truly amazing site! It is hard to believe that this is your first site! You're a pro bro! If you need anything just let me know!
  9. Jill

    Jill Member

  10. Samkajjan

    Samkajjan Member

    hello, great job bro, but i have a question what bloggin solution are you uisng?
  11. victorianpine

    victorianpine Well-Known Member

  12. Christopher Baron

    Christopher Baron Active Member

    Love the simply nature of the site, feels easy to use and the shots are excellent. I also like the way you did the front page slide show, was that the superHero widget with a slider within the state button? Which slide show widget did you use? I would love to show off my food shots in the same way.

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