My first ever MUSE website. Anyone need a haircut or shave?

Discussion in 'Member Showcase' started by Sean Malloy, Dec 8, 2015.

  1. Sean Malloy

    Sean Malloy Member

    Easy single page site per client request, however fully constructed from scratch with no outside widgets involved..- only supplied Muse tools were utilized. The majority of my time on this was spent in photoshop thanks to Adobe providing such awesome platforms to build on.
    Not only did I build the desktop format, but also tablet and phone formats as well to keep the desired look and theme for this client. Phone app turned out really nice. Very user friendly on the go.
    More to come soon.

    Feedback is more than welcome! Please share your thoughts. Thanks. bayoucitybarbershop1.jpg
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  2. DjHerold

    DjHerold Moderator Staff Member Advisory Group

    Sean, great job! I love sites that are specific, and straight forward in their design. This certainly is.
    It looks and feels like a barbershop site. Easy to use, right there in your face. I really like it.
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  3. Sean Malloy

    Sean Malloy Member

    Much appreciated Dj. Thank you for your feedback!
  4. Alex Wiley

    Alex Wiley Product Specialist / Widget Development Staff Member Advisory Group

    Hey @Sean Malloy,

    Really nice site, I love the themeing it gives it almost a wester feel which is really cool! Another great part is that you are not confused by the purpose of the site, straight away you know that this is a Barbers site which is good.

    The one thing that I would suggest is to get some cool pictures for the testimonials section, if I want to see what someone has said about a haircut, i'd love to see the haircut as well!

    Other than that I think you've done an amazing job, really well done.

    Thanks for posting,
  5. Sean Malloy

    Sean Malloy Member

    Thank you Alex. Very good suggestion on the image addition to the testimonials section. Thank you for the awesome helpful feedback!
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  6. Hi Sean awesome website love the graphics!
    Cheers John, Sydney, Australia
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  7. Sean Malloy

    Sean Malloy Member

    Thank you very much John! Much appreciated!

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