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    Hello All,

    Responsive Muse 2015.1 is here, and we've made some big improvements to our widget library. Here are the highlights:

    • Our Entire Widget Library is Functional in Responsive Muse 2015.1. We've updated our widget library to support responsive. At this time, only Accordion Hover is not yet functional in Muse 2015.1, though we are working on a fix.
    • Not ready to update? We've got you covered. For those of you using non-responsive Muse 2015.0, legacy widgets are still available in the widget bundle.
    • Widget Bundle - Current and Legacy Widgets: The bundle download now contains two folders: Current Widgets and Legacy Widgets. "Current" Widgets are for use in in Muse 2015.1 only. Legacy Widgets are for use in Muse 2015.0, though will still open in Muse 2015.1. All single downloads made from widget product pages are the "Current" versions.
    • Collapsible Option Panels. Finally, right?!! We've built collapsible sections into the widget option panels. This is a lifesaver for large panels on small screens. Only supported on Muse 2015.1.
    • New Version Numbers. We've simplified our version numbering system. Current widgets are all version 1.0 now. Updates will go up one decimal: 1.1, 1.2, etc. If you are using older Legacy widgets, you will notice that there is now an "L" applied to the version number. These widgets will retain their last version number, along with the legacy "L" tag, e.g. L11.4.
    • New Update Logs. To make it easier to find widget update notes quickly, we've overhauled our Product Update Log. Widgets are now alphabetical, with update notes for every widget in reverse chronological order. Access the update log link on any widget product page (direct link: or here on the forum:

    This thread is open for questions.

    Thanks for looking!
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