Muse Websites and Instagram in app browser issues?

Discussion in 'General Muse' started by Locdawg, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. Locdawg

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    Wondering if anyone on here can help me with this. I searched for a long while last night to find a solution and haven't found one.

    Basically my site does not react well with instagrams in app browser. Which to me is a huge issue as a number of my visitors are going to be coming from instagram and other social media in app browsers. So the problem I am having is that the instagram sticky header that allows users to exit and return to app, is covering my menu and header. I don't know why this is happening and I don't know how to fix it. I need to adjust the padding of the page specifically for instagram but have no coding skills.

    Im wondering if someone could help me? Or is experiencing the same issue? Because It happens on all of my muse sites I create. The in app browsers make the sites useless to navigate.

    IMG_0602.PNG IMG_0599.PNG
  2. Locdawg

    Locdawg New Member

    Just for clarification, the top photo shows instagrams in app browser the bottom is safari and how the website should be presented.

    Also this issue is effecting all muse websites I believe not just my own. I tested numerous other sites as well as other muse theme template sites and it all has the same issue.
  3. DjHerold

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    Locdawg, If you don't get any responses soon, I recommend you place a support ticket (resources>contact us) and ask this of our team. It may be something one of the developers can adivise on.
  4. Locdawg

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    Just sent out a support ticket, hoping I can get this figured out! I also contacted instagram as well, because I think this might be a problem with muse websites in general and not just specifically me.

    Thanks for your help!


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