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Discussion in 'Mumblr' started by Gavan, Jan 24, 2016.

  1. Gavan

    Gavan New Member

    I've made a simple desktop webpage with the Mumblr widget to create a 'latest news' page. On the desktop I've put a dark green rectangle behind the widget and when I preview in a browser, it looks great with pictures and text appearing in white, rounded rectangles (from tumblr) against my dark green background. I copied and pasted these webpage elements (widget and coloured rectangle) to my tablet and phone layouts but when I preview these in my browser the neat white rounded rectangles have disappeared and the text (black) is displayed on my green background which doesn't look nice and is hard to read. Is there a way to make the tablet and phone layouts display the Mumblr widget like on the desktop layout?
  2. Gavan

    Gavan New Member

    Does the Mumblr widget need a minimum height or width to make the white boxes appear? I've now uploaded the website to try a figure out the problem but I'm stumped. The website is The desktop version is's the tablet and phone versions that display incorrectly.

    I'm also not getting the Load More button on the tablet and phone version...only the text Load More (although that text is clickable)

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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  3. DjHerold

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    Gavan, you're not giving much to go on. You need to be careful if you are copying and pasting. The reason (today) that muse uses adaptive design is to size everything for the specific device it's designing for.
    On our widgets product page we now have a second video and some demo pages. Take a look at those and see if they help you with your design.
    If not, then I'd have to ask you to place a support ticket with as much information (maybe a file) that the team can try and see where you've gone wrong.
    Mumblr should work fine in any configuration, so there may be something in your layout causing you issues.
  4. Gavan

    Gavan New Member

    Thanks DJ....your post actually helped. There was an error with my copy and paste of the mumblr widget as the extra formatting widget didn't paste across (my fault for not selecting it as it was right at the bottom of the page). I quickly rebuilt my mumblr layouts on my tablet and phone versions, including the formatting widget and they are all good. I'm glad it was such a simple solution...the widget is great!

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