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Discussion in 'General Muse' started by SarahKscope, Oct 18, 2016.

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    I have a bit of an unusual request. I have a client who has been using WordPress for her current website and blog. She hired me to build a new site. She loves the site, but is really having a hard time understanding how the blog will work. She wants to be able to just "click" on BLOG on her site to make entries. To my knowledge, that is not an option with a Muse built site. I have had no luck explaining to her why that won't work. I have proposed that she still use WordPress for the blog and we can simply link it to the site, but she just isn't getting it. I have also proposed using Tumblr in coordination with the Mumblr widget, but she is still very confused.

    I was wondering if anyone had any basic documentation that would explain how blogs work within (or linked from) a website? I have tried looking, but haven't had much luck.

    In case it helps, here is the site with a link to a blogger page:

    This is what I believe is a WordPress template that she purchased before working with me. This is how she wants to be able to use the blog:

    Thank you in advance for any help you can offer!
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    I have a question that relates to this as I am doing my forum seach for help. My client also has an existing Wordpress blog with hundreds of entries. How do I incorporate that in the new Muse site?
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    In my opinion the easiest way is to put a link to Wordpress blog page on Muse site, e.g. on Muse blog page. :rolleyes:
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    Ha ha, I forgot about the simplest option ;-)

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